Privacy Policy


CSF International (CSFi) is committed to protecting your privacy as well as the privacy of the customers that you serve.  In the course of conducting business, there are times when your confidential and proprietary information is placed in our possession.  This privacy statement is meant to communicate and identify the policies, procedures and best practices that we employ to ensure that your confidential and proprietary information is secure and protected from unauthorized access, data breaches and misuse.

We will at no time share, sell, loan, borrow or use for our own benefit, provide or reveal any non-public secrets, trade practices, or policies of our clients or their customers.  We also acknowledge that our clients have a responsibility to their customers and clients to limit the sharing of “non-public personal information” (as defined by the privacy rules of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLB”) relating to such customers and clients (collectively, “Non-Public Personal Information”) and otherwise keep the records and information pertaining to such customers and clients confidential and proprietary.  We agree that all Non-Public Information of which we may become aware with respect to the customers or clients including but not limited to names, addresses and telephone records, and policy information in connection therewith, is confidential and will be treated by us as such.  We will not, directly or indirectly, make use at any time of such Non-Public Personal Information for its own benefit, nor divulge such information to any other parties not duly entitled thereto or retain or create lists of such customers and clients for our own personal use or reveal the same to any other party.

Safeguards and Controls

  • Each employee receives a handbook that includes policies on handling confidential information
  • Employee education and training on best practices when handling confidential information is periodically conducted
  • Remote logins conducted by employees include their name, date and time and is audited
  • Encryption key and certificate handling is always conducted by multiple employees
  • Employee workstations have inactivity timers for automatic logoff
  • Firewalls are in place that protect internal systems from outside attack
  • Proprietary information is securely stored and hard copies of the information is periodically shredded on-site
  • All soft copies of sensitive information and program applications are periodically destroyed
  • FTP encryption is used to protect all sensitive documents
  • Eblasts that are transmitted do not divulge your email address to the recipients
  • Full user lists are not divulged and only limited reference accounts are provided
  • Secure website and FTP site using user IDs and passwords

Our website provides links to other websites for the convenience of our website visitors.  These may include links to authorized resellers, business partners, pertinent news articles or any website that we deem as being of relative interest to a particular topic or subject matter.  These links are only provided as a convenience and we cannot be held responsible for the security, privacy practices or content of these related websites – please access them at your own risk.