ATM/Debit Payment Authorization and Transaction Switching System

Solution Overview

SWITCHWARE® is an enterprise payment authorization and transaction switching system, used primarily for EMV ATM/debit card issuing, card-based transaction processing and ATM/POS acquiring device management. SWITCHWARE serves as a robust and reliable solution for financial institutions who wish to minimize costs by internally managing “in-house” the ATM and POS device operations, the EMV ATM/debit card issuance, and card transaction routing and processing between an electronic funds transfer (EFT) network and a core banking or host authorizing system.  SWITCHWARE has several features and layers of redundancy that improve performance and enhanced data security.

Latest Enhancements

The latest release represents a major milestone for SWITCHWARE as it incorporates greater cardholder security measures in complying with the latest PCI-DSS and added functions including card alerts, enhanced limits, linked-account limits, and much more.

  • PCI S3 and PA-DSS 3.2 Compliant
  • Cardholder Alerts
  • Activate/Deactivate Entire BIN
  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Enhanced Auto Stand-in Processing
  • TMD ATM Anti-Skimming Support
  • Currency & Denomination Selection at the ATM
  • API for Card Enable/Disable Feature
  • New GL Account for Deposits at Each ATM
  • Additional Cardholder Limits
  • Linked-Account Limits
  • Triton ATM EJ & EMV Support
  • Contactless EMV Support
  • Mobile Wallet Enrollment Support
  • Low-Note Threshold Options by Cassette
  • Foreign Cardholder Limit Feature
  • Certification for Diebold Vista Stateless Program

Highlighted SWITCHWARE Functions

SWITCHWARE is a multi-threaded high performance system designed to drive connected ATM and acquire POS device transactions. Current implementations of SWITCHWARE drive as few as ten ATMs to others driving a thousand or more, each implementing a single instance of SWITCHWARE.

  • Comprehensive ATM Driving Solution
  • POS & MPOS Terminal Acquiring
  • ATM Debit Issuing, Acquiring and Processing
  • Connect Unlimited EFT Networks/Processors
  • Connect Unlimited Core Authorizing Systems
  • Web Browser Accessible via G4 Web-apps
  • Full Auditing and Logging Capable
  • Color-coded Icon-based display
  • Single System Card Issuing Module
  • Multiple Open-Account Relationships
  • Multiple BINs and Institutions
  • Instant Card Issuance Support
  • Automated Job/Task Scheduling
  • Email/Text Alert Notification
  • Install on physical server or virtual machine
  • Multiple Institution Support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Connect Unlimited Third-Party Systems
  • POS & MPOS Merchant Mgmt
  • Real-time ATM Monitoring
  • Graphical Device Display
  • Inactivity Alerts
  • Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) Support
  • Cardless Withdrawal Support
  • Integrated Realtime Fraud Protection
  • High Availability and Recovery Options
  • Single Sign-on with Active Directory
  • Easy Setup and Monitoring of Connections
  • Full Cardholder and Transaction Research

Additional SWITCHWARE Features and Functions

  • RSA remote key loading
  • Stand-in authorization
  • Rules-based transaction processing
  • PA-DSS validated for PCI compliance
  • Debit/prepaid issuing & authorizing
  • ATM program management
  • ATM fee management
  • ATM messaging to cardholder
  • Electronic journal
  • P2P Cardless Withdrawal/deposits
  • Cash Recycling support
  • Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) support
  • EMV chipcard issuing and acquiring
  • Flexible parameterized design
  • Scalable transaction engine
  • Reconciliation subsystem
  • Triple DES support
  • Multi-vendor HSM support
  • Reporting module for research, settlement, and dispute resolution
  • Deposit automation
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • ATM personalization support
  • Manage cardholder limits
  • Limit or deny foreign cardholders
  • Limit overseas cardholder use
  • Multi-institution support
  • Database encryption4
  • Multi Language support
  • On-demand Network Denial Rules New!
  • Coupon & stamp dispensing
  • Mobile top-up
  • Bill payment
  • Multiple EFT connections
  • Multiple host connections
  • Visa and MasterCard Worldwide
  • Connection to third party apps
  • Unix/Linux-based server
  • High availability support
  • Card embossing file support
  • Online card maintenance (OLCM) support
  • Full client auditing

System Integration & Setup

CSFi provides project coordination, system setup, training, and remote live conversion assistance. In addition to the system parametrization and setup, CSFi also assists customers with certifying the ATM/EFT network, including transaction processing and sending the card maintenance batch file.